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Identity Resolution & Data Enrichment

You're engaging with current and potential customers through an expanding number of touchpoints: social media, your website, live events, promotional campaigns and more. Spread across multiple data sources and departments, this customer information is often incomplete, incorrect, and stale. Our Identity Resolution product connects and unifies data sources for a single view of your customer that continually refreshes as your data changes. This source of truth serves as the foundation for valuable person-level analytics.

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Identity Resolution

Our Identity Resolution product seamlessly merges any and all person-level data sources within your organization. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning to decide who is who among these sources, Identity Resolution allows your technical and non-technical users to build, schedule, and monitor a scalable and repeatable pipeline.

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Civis Data

Built into the Civis Platform, Civis Data is a portfolio of curated datasets to give your marketing and data science teams top-notch capabilities out of the box. The datasets include hundreds of unique characteristics that have been validated for their predictive power and are thoughtfully prepared for modeling on day one.

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Put all of your customer data to work

Unlock the potential in your data by having it all in one place. Our Identity Resolution algorithm uses machine learning to get rid of guesswork. Save time resolving customer data and feel confident that you have one centralized source of truth.

Your data + our data = Competitive advantage

Put your data into hyperdrive by automatically enriching your data with our proprietary Civis Data offering. We’ve curated, cleaned, and combined high quality data sources with our unique Civis survey data. Our data is readily available for modeling and will turn your data science team into instant superheroes.

Use your data to drive decisions

After creating a comprehensive data foundation, you can seamlessly leverage Civis’s suite of best in class tools. Our survey science infrastructure, predictive modeling tools and attribution products can help you make better decisions about your customers, all within the Civis Platform.

Pampered Chef was quickly able to launch a customer database with insight into key customer metrics ... Our team [has] the analytics environment it needs—not the other way around.”

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