Leverage data-driven message testing with Creative Focus
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Civis Platform

The cloud-based Civis Platform—with our proprietary data built in—enhances speed and collaboration, enabling your technical team to quickly build and deliver tools efficiently to business teams and other data scientists. Built by data scientists, for data scientists like you, Platform comes equipped with a suite of tools like Jupyter notebooks and workflows, permitting integrations with software like Tableau and a robust API.

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Identity Resolution & Data

Your organization probably collects a lot of information about your customers. This data offers a competitive advantage waiting to be unlocked, but all too often it's not. More often, data is scattered, incomplete, incorrect, and stale. With Identity Resolution, you can connect and reconcile your organization's different sources of data into a single customer graph, further enriched with Civis’s proprietary data. Resulting is a single source of truth, forming the foundation of your organization’s person-level analytics program.

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Research & Survey Science

Survey research is slow, expensive, quickly out of date, and data is often siloed, making it hard to generate insights that inform actionable decisions. Our Research and Survey technologies provide fast and scalable, scientific opinion data, enabling your organization to understand not just how your target audience thinks, but most importantly, what drives their behavior.

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Predictive Modeling

Your organization struggles to identify a target audience, unable to convert them into customers without quality data and specialized modeling techniques. Our leading Predictive Modeling Solutions can provide the models and tools necessary to build and activate segments, as well offering you person-level audience targets. As you continue to take the right actions on the right people, you’ll measurably improve ROI and grow your business.

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Media Attribution & Optimization

If you're a marketer, you know that cross-channel attribution is essential for real-time optimization of campaigns. However, often these results are unreliable and don’t plug into your person-level data. Our software is built on scientific best practices, like randomized control trials, to provide scalable solutions that plug into existing marketing and media buying tech stacks.

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Custom Services

Our team of top technical talent features 200+ advanced degrees in everything from industrial engineering to actual rocket science, with a deep expertise in data science and predictive analytics. We’re confident we can handle any data challenge you throw at us.

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The Fine Folks We Work With

We partner with Fortune 500 companies and prominent national nonprofits to answer their pressing questions, empower their data science teams with software and data, and help them bring about fundamental improvements in how they use data to make decisions.

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